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Ivan Gonzalez on The Small Business Show

Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:27 am


In this episode of The Small Business our guest is Ivan Gonzalez, CEO of IG1 Communications about growing your business with videos.

Ivan explained how video content is KING. There’s so much going on online, and everyone is producing content, if you don’t keep up you’ll get swallowed up by the tide. If you are super busy and only has time for one type of video, let it be testimonials videos from happy customers. He also gave us an example of a time where he created a video walkthrough for a client’s RFQ and they were able to land a multi-million dollar deal! We also talked about the risks of exposing client lists on video testimonials, but Ivan thinks that video client testimonials can strength the reputation of your company. He believed that building better relationships and providing great services is the key to keep the ideal client, so the risk would really not be a problem.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video below!


Ivan Gonzalez is the CEO of IG1 Communications in Irvine CA. After producing countless national TV commercials, Gonzalez decided to start his own company in order to work more closely with his clients. That’s when IG1 was founded and served billion dollar enterprises as well as medium and small businesses. No matter the size of the client, the team at IG1 always strives to provide the best quality product possible. You can find Ivan on LinkedIn and his website is

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