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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:28 am

We are in a new era – as schools and work are being done remotely, events, celebrations and parties are transitioning to the virtual space. As the holiday is approaching, the traditional way of custom holiday gifts for your customers and staff will be different too. Many companies started mailing custom corporate gifts. How will holiday gifting be different now that we only see each other on Zoom?

It is more important than ever to show your appreciation to clients and employees. Recent reports and studies show that people feel disconnected while working remotely. Many new hires feel more valued when companies setup orientation and mentors via Zoom, and when they send new hires kit which may include office items, t-shirts, jackets with company logo.

Therefore, companies are starting to drop ship custom gift boxes directly to people’s homes. Custom printed boxes full of curated goods, it can be food, office items or a jacket. Whatever the box contains, imagine the pleasant surprise when customers receive gift boxes mailed directly to their homes. Mailing custom gifts is becoming a big trend and will be ever more important to maintain the connection between a company and its customers.

Creating the Custom Gift Box

The gift box – the mailer box that it comes in, will be the first thing customers see when they receive it. Make sure it has a nice presentation on what’s to come. Custom gift boxes can come in many different types of packaging, from blank mailers to a deluxe gift boxes. The important considerations include budget, the items inside, and theme. If you are mailing a small number of gifts, a glossy blank mailer with a sticker will give a nice branding and you could drop it right off at the post office! 

Selecting the Gift Items

We always advise clients before selecting any gifts to come up with a theme first. Whether it is movie night, cocktail party, new year resolutions or cozy fall, having a theme will simplify your gift selection process and making sure everything goes well together. For example, for a movie night theme, our What’s Pop’N Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set will deliver the message very clearly.

Items that have the same theme will also be visually pleasant when they are placed neatly in the gift box. It has everything to do with the unboxing effect, which we will talk about later.

Mailing to Homes

This may actually be the only work you have to do when you work with us on a custom gift project! Getting accurate address information on all your recipients and formatting them on our drop shipping spreadsheet. It can be done while the products are being produced. Keeping in mind that some addresses such as PO box cannot accept UPS / Fedex deliveries, screening all the addresses ahead of time will save you much time later when dealing with shipping returns. 

The Unboxing Moment

Now here is the best part, the unboxing! Our goal is to create an awesome gift box that your recipients are thrill to open! Create social media buzz with the unboxing of the gift box! Include a card with special message, and encourage people to post pictures, videos with a special hashtag. The pictures and videos will be great content to use for the company’s social media accounts. What’s better than seeing your clients or staff being excited over your gifts? 

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