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Last updated on August 14th, 2023 at 06:21 pm

Giving a Taste of the Actual Experience

Promotional products have long been used as a powerful marketing tool for businesses. These tangible items, branded with a company’s logo or message, serve as a constant reminder of the brand and can greatly influence customer perception and loyalty. But what if promotional products could go beyond just creating brand awareness? What if they could actually provide a taste of the actual experience that a service offers?

In my recent guest episode on The Branding Deep Dive with host Ahmed Chema, I  highlighted the importance of creating an emotional connection with promotional products. The experience and emotion associated with a service or product can be replicated through well-designed branded merchandise. For example, if you attend a concert, you would gladly pay a premium for a t-shirt because it represents the experience and emotions tied to that event.

This concept of using promotional products to create an emotional connection to the brand and provide a taste of the actual experience can be applied to various industries. If you own a bakery, you could reward your loyal customers with custom-branded items that enhance their experience with your baked goods. Imagine offering them a branded tote bag to carry their purchases or a personalized apron to wear while baking at home. These items not only serve a practical purpose but also create a sense of belonging, increase revenue per customer and loyalty to your bakery.

Promotional Products as Part of Digital Marketing Campaign

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A local radio station used a social media campaign with custom merch to promote membership and attendance of its summer events Image source:

Can this approach fit into the digital marketing landscape?  In my opinion, promotional products should not be seen as competitors to digital marketing. Instead, they should be viewed as complementary tools that can enhance the overall customer experience. While digital marketing may be effective in reaching a wide audience, promotional products can provide a tactile and personal touch that digital campaigns often lack. Think about doing digital sweepstakes on your social media channel, using branded merchandise as the prize.

To implement this strategy effectively, as a business professional, you have to understand the problem you are solving for your customers rather than solely focusing on the product itself. By identifying the core issue and addressing it through your gift items, you can create a stronger emotional connection with your target audience.




Build Emotional Connection with Promotional Products

Promotional products have the potential to go beyond mere brand awareness. They can serve as a taste of the actual experience that a service offers. By incorporating the emotions and experiences associated with a brand into well-designed promotional merchandise, businesses can create a stronger bond with their customers. This approach should be seen as a complement to digital marketing efforts, providing a tangible and personal connection that can enhance the overall customer journey.

Whether you are a small business owner or a marketer looking to make a lasting impact, consider the power of promotional products in creating an emotional connection and offering a glimpse of the actual experience your service provides. It is not just about the product, but about convincing people that you can solve their problems and provide them with a memorable experience.

What are some of the promotional products you can offer your customers a taste of what you have to offer? Love to hear your comments below.


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Swire migrated to Los Angeles in 1996. He is a proud Chinese American who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He trained as a sound engineer, working at recording studios and entertainment agencies before starting his own firm, Hellman Production, Inc, 2003 in Los Angeles. Swire and his team successfully produced attractive, personalized DVD and CD cases and custom merchandise like T-shirts, earning a Score award in 2009, for small business success. His business eventually grew so popular, he decided to sell Hellman Production in 2013 to focus exclusively on the promotional product industry.

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