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Last updated on January 27th, 2022 at 06:48 pm

How to Design a Great Logo for Promotional Products

On this episode of the Small Business Show Swire talks to Joseph Kilber from Creative 7 Designs, an 18-year-old design/marketing firm from Redlands, California.

What makes a logo successful?

The most important part of business design and marketability starts with branding and logo. It all starts with a name and the brand. Logo design can be subjective, if you give an idea to 10 different graphic designers you will get 10 different designs. Successful logo designs are simple, memorable and creates a lasting imprint of the brand. Think about major brands like Google, Nike or Home Depot, their logos are simple and straight to the point. All other marketing elements will be built around it.

Joseph also thinks we should be cautious about our own personal preference. It’s nice to have a personal touch, but most importantly the logo should attract clients, and with their point of view in mind.


Can a logo be one-size-fit-all? How many different versions do you need?

Joseph pointed out also that logo design needs to be simple but also versatile. It will be used on multiple mediums including website, print materials, digital marketing, social media and promotion products. Keep the design consistent but create variations that will work on these platforms. Together they will create a cohesive brand and a person will just have to glance at it and know that they belong to the same company brand.

Create different variations of logos such as an icon, text (vertical / horizontal), stacked / horizontal logos, one color and full color versions. Having all of these versions will allow consistent branding no matter where the logo will appear. Swire pointed out that in promotional products and  printing materials there are many printing methods: When printing on a promotional pen you will prefer to use a horizontal logo while on a promotional mug you may want a stacked logo. On items such as power bank where it can be imprinted in full color for maximum impact. A well fitted logo on an item will look esthetically pleasing and lead to effective branding power.


What is a Branding Guide? Does every company need one?

Joseph discussed the importance of branding guide for company of any size. It is a roadmap and guideline for how a logo, design elements, marketing message and colors can be used for any specific company. A branding guide will tell your print provider or promotional products distributor how exactly they can print your logo accurately, even multiple vendors will be able to produce very similar printing results.

When you hire a professional design firm like Creative 7 Designs, a branding guide is created along with high resolution logo in its native format. So even though you do not have the right software to open it, save it and forward it your print provider with the branding guide will ensure your branding is correctly produced every time.


When is a good time to design a corporate logo?

Joseph recommends companies to think about branding and logos from the very beginning, the same time as legal formation and things like financing. It all starts with the brand and logo, all the marketing elements will build from there, so having the logo in mind from the very beginning will prevent you having to produce different versions of logo at different times which can be confusing for customers.

Then every few years, revisit the logo to make small changes, keep it relevant and modern. A company that freshens up its brand gives the impression of one that is moving forward. A dated logo and website will unfortunately not be very helpful you are trying to impress a client or win new business.

In closing both Swire and Joseph agree that branding and identity is a journey, treat it as an important part of business. It will take some time but it will be well worth it.


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