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Last updated on June 16th, 2022 at 06:44 am

Top 5 tech promotional products – part 2


No matter what industry you are in, our lives are evolved around mobile technology these days, texting, mapping out directions, listening to music, watching videos, a lot of it happens on our cell phone. That is the reason why mobile tech promotional products are the No. 1 most popular category again this year. Since we wrote the part 1 of top technology promotional products, we got many requests for a few more top products, so here they are:

1. Power Bank

Bamboo Wireless Charger
Bamboo Wireless Charger

Mobile power banks are backup battery chargers that can be refueled ahead of time through the computer or direct A/C connection. When your mobile phone is out of battery the power bank can be used to charge it while you are on the go. It is compact and can be carried in purses or pants pockets. Promotional power banks will give your brand name many impressions during its life time. Custom power banks come in many shapes and capacity. Promotional power banks also come in Qi-compatible stylus where wireless charging is supported. Power banks are such prominent tech promotional products that they are one of the most popular promotional products in the last few years! Here’s also some good info about how to choose custom power banks. Wireless chargers are one of the essential items in any employees and clients onboarding kits.


2. Speakers

JBL flip 5 waterproof speaker
JBL flip 5 waterproof speaker

A lot of music and podcasts listening happens on tablets and phones now via audio streaming service. And what’s more, music is enjoyed often outside home and office, whether you are on a run, at the beach or park. This leads to another trend in promotional products which is mobile speakers and headphones. There are many types of promotional mobile speakers – a nice custom logo bluetooth speaker is perfect as a thank you or holiday gift for your most valuable customers. For those are looking for a small giveaway type speaker the mini cylinder speaker is a great choice.


3. Stylus Pens


Promotional pens are a staple in promotional products, there is a new spin on the forever popular item. A stylus pen has a soft tip that lets you point and control your phone and tablet smoothly.

4. Phone Stands

Bamboo phone holder
Bamboo phone holder

Popsocket – Plant

Besides phone chargers and headphones, another popular tech promotional product that is appropriate for most marketing campaigns is phone stand / phone holder. Phone holder like custom Popsocket is popular with most people – it provides an easy and secure way to hold the phone, after all it is a valuable device and you wouldn’t want to drop it!

Desktop phone stands provide a dedicated space on your desk or night stand. It is made of a variety of materials, such as plastic and bamboo. Some provide wireless charging ability, some double as desktop organizers for pens and other office items too!

5. USB Hubs / Cord organizers

Cord taco cord organizer
Cord taco cord organizer

Every one of us have a few USB or tech devices hanging around our work area, the last thing we want is  tangled cables! Keep everything nicely organized with USB hubs and cord organizers. They are convenient tools that every corporate gift set should have.

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