Branding For Small Business

What is branding for small business?

Why is branding important for small business? Our guest branding and copywriting expert Julie Logan explains that branding for small business is all about “Consistent Messaging on Identity Across Multiple Platforms”.  The company identity including logo, product packaging, brochure, website, social media and brand storytelling are consistent across different mediums. Branding creates emotional triggers for people about your products or services. Ultimately it helps people to identify themselves with the brand.

Just like our previous guest Ron Duval from episode #02, Julie also advices that companies who are creating marketing plans should think like a detective and find clues from their products and services. She always tries to come up with more ideas than needed and she surprises her clients with ideas that they might not have thought about.


Why Branding Is Important For Your Business

Julie is a big believer in Mono-tasking.  Her best works are done when she is focused. When you are “in the zone”, there is no room for multi-tasking.


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