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Blue Ridge Marathon, aka America’s toughest road marathon is one of the signature events put together by Roanoke Outside.  Under Julia’s leadership the race had grown 15% in revenue each year for the past five years. In this episode she will walk us through her strategies for non-profits in growing a successful outdoor event.

Julia also spoke about the history of the Blue Ridge Marathon and the backstory for adding the double marathon distance to the race. Furthermore, she told us about how the people of Roanoke helped create a fun and exciting environment event. 

With the pandemic fundraising options for a non-profit organization has been limited. Julia shared her strategies on virtual fundraising, developing ideas to approach sponsors and supporters for funds, and using organic social media techniques to grow an event.

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Julia Boas is the events director for Roanoke Outside Foundation. Roanoke Outsides creates economic growth by leveraging natural assets to attract investment and talent. 

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