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Last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 07:08 pm

In Business, You can Do Anything, but Not Everything


I saw this quote under the emails signature from my guest Tess Maribao, founder of WorQ Out LLC.  I thought it was an interesting quote – as a small business owner we like to take on a lot of tasks, and most of us would like to do it all. Is it at all possible?



A Typical Day in the Life Of A Small Business Owner

Many small business owners (myself included) work nights and weekends. We even work on holidays.  Whenever we are lucky enough to go on a vacation, we still respond to emails and work calls. We say yes to all tasks and we are confident that we can handle it all. Is there such things as work and life balance for small business owners?

How to Start Delegating Tasks

Tess suggests to make a list for all the tasks you perform on a weekly basis, most importantly list the tasks that you do most often but hate to do.  These repetitive tasks are the ones that can be delegated to others such as a business support specialist like WorQ Out LLC. Some business owners may have a hard time of letting go, and want to have full control of their business. She suggests to start with small mundane tasks such as setting appointments and calendar managements, then slowly add more tasks to the list handled by others. Much like building a relationship, trust will develop over time as the  owners are more comfortable with others handling part of the business. That is how you can start transitioning and evolve the business. Even with popularity of automation software, business support specialists like Tess are still valuable because you get humans who care about your business as much as you do, and can evaluate situations and problems with a level of sensitivity.

Tess Maribao is a Business Support Specialist and is the owner of WorQ Out LLC. After working for HSBC, the British multinational financial services as Vice-President for Retail Banking Sales & Service for 17 years,  she set-up her own business providing administrative, creative and technical services to small business owners, professionals and busy individuals. She is also active as an Ambassador for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and is currently the Secretary-Treasurer of BNI Beverly Hills Breakfast Club Chapter.Tess can be contact by email [email protected] , or call 323-628-6550.  Her website is

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Swire migrated to Los Angeles in 1996. He is a proud Chinese American who speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He trained as a sound engineer, working at recording studios and entertainment agencies before starting his own firm, Hellman Production, Inc, 2003 in Los Angeles. Swire and his team successfully produced attractive, personalized DVD and CD cases and custom merchandise like T-shirts, earning a Score award in 2009, for small business success. His business eventually grew so popular, he decided to sell Hellman Production in 2013 to focus exclusively on the promotional product industry.

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