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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:37 am

Stop Losing Your Customers

I had a great time speaking with my guest Vivian Campbell on the topic of customer service, and her new book “101 Ways To Stop Losing Your Customers“.

A Good Experience is Why Customers Come Back

Small businesses put a lot of efforts in their sales and marketing, try out different promotion techniques to drive traffic to their business.  However, most businesses don’t have any procedure or training in customer service.

According to Vivian the lack of customer service (or worse, horrible customer service) is the number one reason why most businesses lose their customers. She suggested to read the cue from the customers face to face so you can serve them better.

With the advance in technologies Vivian still believes that human interaction is the key to success in customer service, and keeping happy, repeat customers is a much better way to grow your business.

101 ways to stop losing your cusotmers

Author Vivian Campbell signing her book. 101 ways to stop losing your customers

How to Handle a High Maintenance Client

–Ask them questions about their requests so they can help you set the right expectation.

–Listen and try to resolve their requests.

–Tell them up front if the request cannot be met.

On the other hand, a “high maintenance client” is just a good customer who knew exactly what they want. From my personal experience these are loyal customers if they choose to work with you.

Developing a Winning Customer Service for Your Business

–With good customer service and experience customers will refer you to a co-workers, friends or family.

–Follow up is an important customer service after the sales.  Check in with your customers to make sure they are happy with the products & services.

–Brainstorm with your staff for suggestions and feedback on how customer service can be improved.

Stop losing your customers

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